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By definition ... A tutorial session is a class conducted by a Tutor (Professional Teacher) usually for one individual or a small group of students. Such instruction is considered to be given on a private basis; It is given as to complement one's regular course of studies.
  • The deliverance of such tutorial sessions here at   
is performed by an experienced staff of highly degreed, advancedly qualified Professional teachers, College instructors as well as Educational consultants most of whom are active classroom teachers, or part-time and semi-retired teachers. Some members of our staff are considered "Interns" due to their present status as a student presently in pursuit of a degree in the field of education.

  •  Here at  METROPOLITAN  EDUCATIONAL  SERVICES, a typical tutorial session consists of three distinctive yet intricate parts: 

1. PREPARATION ... By the actual teacher and the student. Such consist's of a "Lesson Plan" prepared by the assigned teacher and relevant to the lesson to be delivered. Such lesson plans then require department chair approval prior to the actual deliverance of the lesson. Necessary printed student materials are also prepared at this time for this student's upcoming lesson.

2. DELIVERANCE ... The actual private lesson itself. Such would consist of a lesson who's length has been pre-determined by the client. Proper relative student preparation as has been previously suggested prior to that lesson is a point of concern that would most definitely benefit the student at the time of the lesson itself. 

3. EVALUATION FOLLOW-UP ... consists of a evaluational review by the instructor as to the accomplishment of the previously determined goals of the given lesson. These points of review are then conveyed to the client (Student) and to the parent / guardian of any student considered to be a minor. 

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